Report of ECMC’s on-line Annual General Meeting

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20 February 2021

ECMC had it’s 47th Annual General Meeting 28 November. The meeting was the first on-line meeting in the historu of ECMC. As the secretary Arthur Peremans proposed a minute of silence for all the friends who passed away in the last year, many remembered Daniel Dumand, who deceased at the beginning of covid pandemia.

Although the year has been lack of parties and physical gatherings new clubs are rising. Leathermen of Switzerland and International Leather and Boots Spain became now full members and for probationary members were accepted Gear Club Portugal and Leatherman Club of Spain (LMCS). Welcome to the ECMC!

There was no propositions for a bike run. Last bike run was held 9 years ago. Clubs discussed the matter and question was asked: maybe Bike Runs could be renamed as ECMC friendly event (secondary event for AGM) and any club could apply for that spot. It could be a Bike Run or a Puppy Run or something else. Secretariat will make an inventory of alternatives. In spring 2021 clubs will be asked to give feedback on the alternatives. A new discussion about the future of Bike Runs is held in AGM 2021.

AGM gave the secretariat a task to prepare the renaming of the Eastern Europe Solidarity fund as The Daniel Dumont memorial fund. The fund will continue continue the work on helping ECMC membership clubs with financial difficulties.

The same secretary team will continue the work for another year till the next AGM that will be held in Nice, France November 18th-21st.