Report of ECMC’s 49th Annual General Meeting

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20 February 2021

ECMC held its 49th Annual General Meeting on Saturday 1st October 2022 in Manchester, UK. The chairman Arthur Peremans proposed a minute of silence for all the friends who passed away in the last year.

It was great to welcome two new club’s to the ECMC family. Leathermen Scotland were accepted as a full member club and Leathermen of Ireland were welcomed as probationary members. Welcome to the ECMC!

Leathermen of Switzerland proposed a discussion on how the ECMC should operate going forward, from this discussion 3 fact finding groups were established to look at the following areas.

  1. Organisation and Structure
  2. Benefits, Synergies and Finances
  3. Planning, Events, Communications and Collaboration.

Clubs discussed the hand over period of the secretariat team when the team changes at the end of their term of office. This year we saw Philippe for ASMF coming to the end of his term of office. We would like to thank Philippe for his service over the last 4 years and we welcome Richard from Leathermen Cymru to the secretariat team.

During the weekend in Manchester we also saw the election of Mr Leather Europe. We would like to thank Stevio Blackhart Mr Leather Europe 2020 – 22 for the fantastic job during a very difficult number of years and we congratulate Andy Walgraef on becoming Mr Leather Europe 2023

The next AGM that will be held in Milan, Italy 27th – 29th October 2023.