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16 May 2024

The season of Spring marks my mid-way point as Mr. Leather Europe 2024, and towards the end of May will mark undoubtedly one of the greatest experiences of my life – International Mr. Leather. International Mr. Leather (or IML for short) started in 1979 and is an annual event that takes place in Chicago. The event is seen to many as ”the Leather Pilgrimage”: an event engraved in the journey of the Leather, Fetish and Kink community. Started by the late Chuck Renslow and his then-partner Dom Orejudos, the event not only includes the iconic IML competition, but also acts as an opportunity to take part in socials, meet new people, and learn about subjects in educational classes.

2024 will be the year that I put my hand up to compete, and represent the ECMC and Mr. Leather Europe title. I am proud to be representing our community and all that our Brotherhood embodies. Alongside this I look forward to sharing all that Europe has to offer and how we have positively progressed as one community. But I am not alone from Europe – for we have 9 contestants who will be representing their regions of Europe: myself, Anthony, Nacho, Maxwell, Niels, Jesus, Georg, Norbert, and Miroto. Each of them brings their own authenticity to Chicago, and alongside our Rest of World contestants we will all be supporting each other during our time in Chicago.

To whom is reading this, my only ask is that you wish all contestants the best of luck. Plenty of preparation from all angles are invested into this competition, and so the support of all of you will be imperative! Whilst there may only be one winner out of 61 truly unique contestants, we all recognise that the it is the bonds being made through our brothers and siblings that will be the true “prize” of our time in Chicago.

All the best, and bring on Chicago!

Tom – MLE 2024

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