European title holders at IML

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4 June 2024

My experience at IML was indescribable.
The sense of community that the organizers tend to create in the group of contestants is truly indescribable: you feel like a brother among your peers.
You help each other in the little things, and also in the great moments of extreme emotion to which the contest takes you.
Great moments of relaxation and fun, interspersed with moments of deep common emotion, hugs and energy that we exchange to create an atmosphere of complete union.
Really hard to describe the mix of pure emotion that the audience transmits to you, even just when you walk down the street between the events and people recognize you as one of the contestants.
Is an experience definitely to try in order to understand it.


Italian Fetishman of the year 2024

The one word that comes to mind is nothing short of REWARDING. I joined this community just 2 and a half years ago. Never ever in my wildest dreams did I think I would be on the stage of the biggest calendar event in our global community. With this in mind, I can proudly say that IML has been one of the most influential experiences in my journey of discovering who Tom is as a person in & out of leather. It clicked in me mid-way through the competition that competing in IML is not about the number that you finish with. It’s about so much more – proudly representing your community, building bulletproof bonds with brothers & siblings from around the world, taking on learnings from the relationships you build, pushing yourself mentally & physically, self-development and above all…. having FUN! I was very grateful to finish in the top 20, and therefore I gave the audience a speech about my passion on the word ‘CHANGE’ and how we as a community need to change in order to progress. I am proud to confirm that I hit all of these goals, and therefore I am my very own winner. We are all winners at IML. I am proud to have made history and to continue the legacy that Chuck Renslow and Dom Orejudos created over four decades ago. As a result of these accomplishments I am walking away from IML even more confident in who Tom is and what he wants to do to further support his community. It makes my heart beat with pride knowing that my other 58 contestants are feeling a similar way. Whilst IML 2024 is over, the story for all of us as the class of 46 is just beginning!


Mr. Leather Europe 2024