ECMC Fact Finding Groups

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Publication time:
24 July 2023

Since the 49th Annual General Meeting of the ECMC in Manchester (October 2022), 3 fact-funding groups alongside support of the ECMC Secretariat have been working hard to collect feedback and further analyse how the ECMC should operate moving forward. The decision to analyse and reform how the ECMC operates was discussed at the AGM, following a structured document of reform that was created and presented by Leathermen of Switzerland.

As a reminder the three fact-finding groups were clustered into:

  1. Organisation and Structure
  2. Benefits, Synergies and Finances
  3. Planning, Events, Communications and Collaboration.

The fact-finding groups, ECMC Secretariat and leading ECMC club members plan to meet virtually several times throughout 2023, in order to update each other on how the fact-finding groups are progressing as well as debate proposed changes. As a collective we have all set a target to finalise and complete our 3 fact-finding proposals prior to the next AGM in October 2023, in Milan.

Since our first virtual update meeting in January 2023, the fact-finding groups have presented initial plans/priorities, and have began to collect feedback from current and previous ECMC clubs. Feedback collected from these clubs are based on what aspects they believe the ECMC should prioritise that will benefit itself and its clubs & members. We want to take this opportunity to thank all clubs and members involved with this feedback collection.

In conclusion, we are making great strides to effectively benefit and change how the ECMC operates in the future, in an attempt to benefit the ECMC as well as its clubs & members.