1974-2024 50 years of ECMC

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19 January 2024

Today, we commemorate International Fetish Day, a day that holds special significance for the diverse and vibrant community that celebrates various forms of alternative lifestyles. However, the importance of this day is magnified as we mark the 50th anniversary of the ECMC (European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs). It brings us immense joy to reflect on the remarkable journey undertaken by European clubs over the past five decades. Together, united in purpose, they have tirelessly worked towards advocating for rights and creating inclusive spaces for gatherings.

As we acknowledge International Fetish Day, let us also take a moment to honor the rich history of the ECMC and appreciate the collaborative efforts that have strengthened the bonds within the community. These 50 years symbolize a legacy of resilience, acceptance, and the continuous pursuit of a more inclusive and understanding world.

May this day serve as a reminder of the progress made, the challenges overcome, and the enduring spirit that unites us all. Happy 50th anniversary to the ECMC, and here’s to many more years of advocacy, camaraderie, and celebration within the vibrant tapestry of the fetish and alternative lifestyle community.