M(r|x|s) Fetish Switzerland 2024: Election & Show

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Time and date:
Starts: 23 February 2024
Ends: 25 February 2024
Format and location:
In-person event
multiple venues
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Be part of the inaugural election of M(r|x|s) Fetish Switzerland 2024. The election and its associated events are taking place during the XPERIENCE Swiss Fetish 2024 weekend in Bern. If you’re interested in viewing all events happening on the weekend, as well as all details on the public parts of the election, check out the event calendar on leathermen.ch.

Make sure to attend the weekend’s highlight on Saturday, 24 February 2024:

INNUENDO: Authentic Fetish Theatre and Election Show for M(r|x|s) Fetish Switzerland 2024 – featuring Mr. Leather Europe 2024 and special musical guests Mediva (CH/UK/F)

Experience the power and purity of medieval music in an exclusive fetish setting. We are pleased to present the candidates for the M(r|x|s) Fetish Switzerland 2024 election in an immersive theatre and art experience that the fetish world has never seen. Join us as our host, Mr. Leather Europe 2024, guides both the audience and international performers through a labyrinth of art and reality. No one will walk away from this event unchallenged. While you fall into the pleasure of beautiful music and contemporary dance performed by beautiful stage artists, you will witness the authentic interactions between artists and the fetish world. At the end of the night, only one candidate will walk away with the title. Which candidate will earn your vote?

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