Club details

Saint Petersburg, Russia

SPBL Club (Saint Petersburg Leather Club) is a non-profit gay association.

The Club’s mission is to unite the leather and fetish community across Russia, to further develop the country’s fetish scene, and provide a social space for like-minded gay men of leather and fetish, as well as for their admirers. 

In addition to that, the Club sets out to achieve better visibility within the international community through active networking with other leather and fetish clubs with an ambitious goal of future worldwide integration of the local gay leather and fetish scene. 

SPBL Club is based in St. Petersburg. Currently, it is the only leather and fetish club in Russia. Established in 2015, the Club received ECMC accreditation in 2017.

Since 2018, SPBL Club has been organising the annual Mr Leather Russia contest. 

The Club is run by a dynamic team of volunteer leathermen.
Membership is open for adult gay men over 21 years of age.